The 3 Best Ways to Promote Your Music Online (During the Pandemic)!

Online music Promotion

Times have changed, and boots on the ground doesn’t mean as much as it used to.  With so many unknowns, you need to ask yourself: what can I be doing now to promote my music online.

The artists who build their online fans now will be in the best position when a vaccine arrives and the music community slowly returns to normal. 

After spending hours researching combined with my own experience, here is the best you can do right now to get your music heard in 2020.

  • Spotify Playlist Promotion

You are in the middle of a renaissance in music streaming. Spotify’s recent growth data shows that independent artist streaming growth has grown by 48% last year. -Mark Mulligan Midia Research.

These yearly growth rates are adding to the number of artists able to make a living creating music. 

That’s why, releasing the highest quality music, and marketing your music on Spotify is number one.

You can build your own database of playlist curators and pitch to them, or use a playlist pitching company like ourselves. 

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  • Build relationships with bloggers

A study written about in livescience reveals that we base our listening not on what we like, but on the music preferences we perceive in others.

It sounds crazy but it’s been proven.

That means it takes more than just making good music to be a successful artist.  People also have to perceive that your music is popular for them to give it a chance.  

Getting support from many music blogs is a great way to create that perception.
You can build your own database of music bloggers and pitch to them, or use a guest posting service like GingerNinja’s music blogging network.

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  • Sync’s and placements with internet content

There are popular influencers everywhere, and YouTube vlogs are a great way to reach new audiences. 

Popular Vloggers are always in need of fresh music they can use without copyright issues.

Many of these shows have loyal followers and have been around for many years. 

If you have the time, reaching out and offering music can be good but time-consuming.

According to the vloggingpro blog, many popular vloggers do not want to use the same music libraries as others so they prefer to find music on Soundcloud.

To make your music available to them, upload to Soundcloud with a creative commons license and tag your upload with it. #creativecommons

*Just make sure to ask them to include a link in the description to your Spotify track

In Conclusion

As an artist, you don’t have to sit silent during these times of slower gigs.  

You can build up your fan base online so you have that social proof when the bookings come back.

There are many tools for promoting your music such as through Playlist pitching, music blog support, and making your music available for vloggers and other content creators.

Include our top 3 ways to promote your music in your music promotion efforts to gain more fans and followers.