How to Submit to Spotify Playlists

What to do when trying to submit to spotify playlists

Discovering the proper method to submit to Spotify playlists might be easier said than done.

Reaching out to them is not that hard.

The problem is that there is huge competition.

Many artists, just like you, are trying to get a slice of the pie.

How can you stand out in such a big industry, and increase your chances to be considered for a feature on a Spotify playlist?

Getting your music into a Spotify playlist should start by taking a few steps towards improving your profile and presence.

For instance, you can start by making sure your profile is verified.

Becoming a verified Spotify artist will give you many advantages.  It might also help you gain more visibility.

In order to verify your artist account, you simply need to follow 

these directions. 

submit to spotify playlists

The company will first have you set up your ‘Spotify For Artists’ profile to prove your band and identity.

You are going to need to wait for a few days before receiving a confirmation.

Once you managed to verify your profile, it’s easier to move on to build your following on Spotify.

Having more followers is very important, and you can start by pitching your Spotify profile to your own networks: friends, fans and social media followers asking them to follow you

And why not ask them to pass along your track and submit to Spotify Playlists their friends have made.  

Following theses steps before rushing to submit your music to a playlist, can improve your chances of a feature on popular Spotify playlists.

The best approach to promoting your Spotify playlist

Making your content stand out on the popular streaming platform could be easier than you might think.

When Spotify first came around in 2008, it was a revolution for many people; artists and music fans alike.

All of a sudden you had the opportunity to stream music, handpicking thousands upon thousands of songs from artists across every genre, style or nationality. 

The major music streaming platform is not only a great place where to discover new music and listen to your favorite artists as a fan – It is also an amazing website that will allow your music, as an artist, to get discovered by a broader audience.

submit to spotify playlists


One of the most popular ways for people to discover new music is through finding it on Spotify playlists.

There are many different playlists on Spotify, each covering different genres, concepts or mood.

Playlists are often curated by members of the Spotify team, but there are many independent curators who make original and cool playlists, including magazines, festivals, brands, celebrities and even fellow artists.

With so many playlists out there, how can you make yours stand out?

Promote it through social media and other community-based platforms.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are great platforms where you can start by sharing your playlists.

You can also take advantage of blogging websites with a social feel, such as Tumblr.  Now you can even reach many playlists on Submithub.

Dont underestimate the potential of community-based websites, including forums, or places such as Reddit and Pinterest, which might be an excellent gateway to a larger following.

You wont gain thousands of followers overnight, but in a competitive arena like the music business, every fan counts!

Hire a Spotify Playlist Promotion service.

There are many excellent providers who offer Spotify playlist promotions. They might be able to further expand the reach of your playlist and further your success as a Spotify playlister.