Everything you need to know about Spotify Wrapped 2019

This year, artists and users from around the world gain access to highlights of their previous year’s data through Spotify Wrapped 2019.

Spotify wrapped 2019 user year in review
Each year Spotify releases the previous years’ stats for every user.

Spotify Wrapped for Users

As a user, it can be fun to review the tunes you rocked out to during the previous 12 months.

Did your tastes mature towards an interest in vocal-driven tracks?

Did you listen to more melancholic melodies during the winter months?

What were your most listened to genre’s of 2019?

It’s all right there. We’ll provide a link so you can access yours but first, there are a few things to consider.

Spotify wrapped 2019 makes it easy to see your yearly progress

Spotify Wrapped for Artists

For musicians and artists, this time of year can be a time for celebrating and sharing accomplishments.

During the months of December and January, our Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds will be filled with artists showing off their stats.

How many hours of your music did fans listen to? How many countries do you have fans in? Spotify wrapped makes it easy to share your year of hard work with the world.

For some, the end of the year is not a time to celebrate. Many artists can find it disappointing to review their previous years’ stats. But you can also take it as a wake-up call.

A call to make more effort to reach the world with your music.

The Music Business & Statistics

It’s obvious that the music business is now all about statistics. To be active in the music community and industry, you need to take your stats seriously.

At SpotiFLY, we’ve decided to make it easy to build your Spotify stats and gain more fans and followers.

For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be turning back time on our Spotify playlist promotion campaigns.

All clients accepted for campaigns before the New Year can take advantage of our prices back in 2017. That means guaranteed Spotify playlist submissions for as low as $49.

We want you to thrive in this new statistic driven music world by giving you the tools to be in the game. Submit below to see if your music is eligible for a campaign.

To gain full access to this year’s results, head over to the Spotify wrapped page.