Spotify playlist promotion is #1 Tool for Breaking

How does an artist break?Spotify playlist promotion

At some point in their career, every artist asks themselves the most important question.  How do I break out and take my career to the professional level?  Is Spotify playlist promotion the key?


Technology is making this a hard question to answer, because the answer is always changing.  According to industry analyst Mark Mulligan, “Spotify playlists, and Spotify charts, and Spotify plays, have become the number one tool that labels and artists and managers are using in order to break artists and measure success.”

How do you use this to gain an edge?

Understanding that Spotify is the best tool for breaking out is the first step.  Mastering Spotify playlist promotion and understanding the minds of the curators is the quickest way to gain exposure fast.


According to Doug Ford, Head of curation at Spotify “We curate songs purely based on what we think the listeners are going to like and what we see in the data.”  Based on this, an artist can assume the formula for having a hit on Spotify is 1) make a likeable song + 2) project the right data to get your song in the fore-front. 

While not every popular playlist curator will interpret data the same, some information has been made public regarding Spotify’s internal data systems.  A data management platform called “Jamza” as well as one called “Truffle Pig” provides recommendations to the internal staff based on music that has already been supported by other playlists. 

Much of the details about how Jamza works is kept secret but we do know it provides key data regarding playlist support.

With the information available, you can start to fill in the blanks to increase your chance of getting on the Spotify staff playlists. 

You can look at the formula like this:

Likeable song + multiple playlist support = Spotify staff interest

Making a likeable song is beyond the reach of this article but there is a way to control step two of the formula.  You can develop your own playlist curator database and pitching campaigns.  Or, If you are the type of artist who likes to focus on the music, there are also a few companies dedicated to pitching music to popular curators. 

How to discover spotify playlist promotion!

Playlist pitching companies typically charge thousands of dollars, making their services out of the reach of independent artists. 

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