Spotify promotions for your Concerts and Festivals

Spotify promotions for Your  Concerts and Festivals 

Spotify promotions

If you’re an artist or a music event producer, you already know that Spotify is the place to engage active music followers.  It can be a useful tool, especially when using it for Spotify promotions.  

The popular streaming app is where over 140 million fans share playlists with friends.

As well as listening to their favorite artists and discovering new sounds.  Knowing this should make anyone see how Spotify Promotions should be a cornerstone of your music business strategy.  

You can now promote your shows to music fans directly through Spotify promotion.

Research shows that Spotify listeners are more likely to attend live music events than the regular fan.

This makes it the best place to get in front of individuals that are ready to spend.

Spotify also assists you to engage your fans to be present at your shows.

Attract New Fans  

How will you discover people who don’t know about your show?

On the personalized Concerts tab, Spotify recommends concerts to every listener based on their music choice, assisting you to reach a targeted audience and saving you from spending money to find them elsewhere.

Knowing Statistics about Your Music Spotify Promotion

As an artist, releasing new music is most likely what you live for.

But, while it’s thrilling, it could also be demanding.

Gone are those days where you need to wait days or weeks before getting a call from your manager telling you how your music has gone viral.

With Spotify, you can know precisely how many times your track has been listened to.

Engage Fans Where They Spend Time Listening To Music

Every music marketer knows about the spray and pray technique: Tell people about your upcoming show and anticipate that your promos land on a small number of concerned ears.

However, you end up wasting a lot of money and time reaching people who just do not care about your music.

The band playing at your show most likely has a current fan base, and those are the people who are likely to purchase your tickets.

This is why Spotify surfaces location based concert recommendations on its artist pages, where music fans go to listen to their preferred albums.

They can also get concert commendations in their email inboxes for upcoming events in their location.

If you catch fans while they enjoy a band’s music on Spotify, you enhance your probabilities of selling them a ticket to watch the band live.

Stats about Your Listeners

You can also use the free Spotify Artists Insights to see statistics about your listeners.

You can discover the location, gender, age and how people are listening to your music.

This means that you can find out many fans that are interested in your music and find ways to connect with them and reach out to more people in the same demographics.