Making the switch to Spotify Promo

When did you first start to think about doing Spotify promo?

Maybe it was when you discovered the producer Pham explaining on his Redditt Q&A that:

“I got it [my song] taken down the moment SoundCloud started to kind of fall off so it was a perfect moment, because I started paying attention to Spotify…”

Or maybe you’ve had your own issues with Soundcloud, dealing with copyright take-downs for songs that were entirely your own work.  For my team, it was when we got a notice from the repost company Melodic Sounds, proclaiming Soundcloud has lost 40% of its traffic so they have cut the prices on all of their repost campaigns.  I started to suspect the industry was shifting towards Spotify promo.


It was around this time that I had a meeting with a Universal Music sub label A&R.  I was called in to represent as manager for one of my clients.  The label  contacted me because they  found my client after seeing his Spotify stats and they were interested in signing his next single.


The culmination of these occurrences all in the same week, was what made me decide I would stop developing artists and devote my full focus towards learning to master music streaming promotion. After being in the music business for 10 years, I had learned much about timing.  And the time to get involved with Spotify was now!


My research led me to discover that the 3 major labels each owned a percentage of Spotify.  Upon speaking with major record label contacts, I discovered the majority of their revenue now comes from Spotify payments.


The enticement the major labels now use to attract trending artists to sign is the fact that the label owns many popular Spotify playlists and will promote the song heavily (in exchange for the artists streaming royalties–of course).


As a manager, telling my clients that Soundcloud was dying and they should start to focus on their Spotify promotions didn’t come with much approval.  Some had spent months to years building strong Soundcloud artist profiles and paid thousands of dollars in promotions and reposts.  That’s when I realized the complete industry migration to Spotify would be slow.  But it was coming.

Finding the playlist curators

I spent the next 6 months tracking down every playlist curator I could find and then finally, one rainy day in New York, I gained access to one of the biggest curators and he accepted my humble friend request.  After that, the floodgates opened.  Facebook started to suggest his friends to me (other curators), so I added them … and over the next few months, I entered a community of playlisters, all acting as personal gatekeepers for their tens of thousands of followers.

With music, the future is never certain, but glory goes to those who can anticipate and act with precision when the opportunity presents itself.  Right now, and in the foreseeable future, Spotify is the second most powerful tool for musicians of all levels.  The first most powerful is talent, but you’re on your own with that 😉

As major labels consolidate the playlist power by purchasing large independent playlists and cornering the promo power, I decided to create something in defiance. (pronounced Spoti FLY) is the worlds first playlist submission company created for independent artists.  Not every musician or singer has the contacts to get signed to one of the major labels, or can afford to pay thousands to promote their music.

We pitch independent music to the largest Spotify playlists at artist-friendly prices.  Finally Spotify promotions are available at a price any artist can afford.  The mystery is gone, and now it’s time for you to claim your piece of the streaming music boom!

Spotify promo