How to get gigs after Covid [The Roaring 2020’s lesson]

 “…the devastation of World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic was quickly followed by a manic flight into sociability.”

The Atlantic

Lighten your gaze.  And remember what it was like.

The black gleaming cars in the parking lot. The sound of bass echoing off buildings and windows. The ladies in their tans and sparkly dresses. 

You catch a whiff of bacon-wrapped hot dogs in the air…

The valet opens the door to your Toyota Corolla. Your set starts in 10 minutes. 

Inside, the club is poppin. 

Will You Be Ready When the Gigs Come Back?

Do you know what followed after the devastation of World War I, and the deadliest flu pandemic the world had ever seen? 

People went wild.  They threw all night parties, had sex, got wasted and ushered in the period known as the “Roaring 20’s.”

We don’t know when events and clubs will re-open, but one thing for certain is that they will.

Humanity will survive and we are social creatures.

The question is: will you be ready when the gigs come back?

Prepare now, so you can get the best gigs when the time comes.

What will promoters look for when the bookings return? 

In the past, I can tell you that promoters look for one thing.  An artist who can sell tickets. 

That won’t change, but the promoters ability to determine what artist can do that will be limited.  He can only decide based on what can be found online.  

There’s no reason to believe a performer who was hot in 2019 will pull a crowd now.  

You can prepare yourself digitally, to help you get gigs after Covid.

how to get gigs
What comes up when you Google your artist name?
  • Google Search

If a Promoter hears about a new artist, or discovers a local artist they like, one of the first things they’ll do is check you out on Google.

What do they find? A Website? Your Soundcloud?

How many pages are you on when someone searches your artist name? 

When a promoter searches you on Google, the whole page needs to light up!

It can take years to build up enough online press to fill up a page. 

Or you can use companies like MusicFeed to distribute your brand to blogs and top tier media sites.

Music Feed Music blogs to Submit to
Music PR & Music Blog Submissions
  • Spotify Stats

Many music event bookers got to where they are because they love music.

Not all music promoters are in it to for the drugs, money and sex. 

Before reaching out for a gig, make sure your music is presented well on Spotify. Most event bookers will want to listen to your latest tunes and check out your vibe.

Is the art on all your releases professional?  Do your releases show a steady rise as you release more and more music and gain fans?

Keep a database of popular Spotify playlist curators. You can easily find them using tools such as Over time, your playlist network will build and you can reach organic results.

If you don’t have time for that, consider using one of our SpotiFLY Playlist pitching campaigns. Our top campaign, the Headliner is now only $99.

Music blog Submission
  • Marketing Skills

If there’s one skill that can help a performer reach their goals, it’s marketing.

Once you get into it, it’s fun. Marketing is about studying exchange relationships.

It’s easy to learn more than 90% of people, just by watching a Udemy course, or reading a book about it.

Once you understand marketing, there are so many ways you can gain leverage in the music game.

You can learn how to make your own marketing super sharp.  You can offer to help event staff with marketing–and they are always looking for it. 

For under $100, you can set up your own nightlife/event blog in your city. 

Most of the competition is gone. Start with nostalgia and related content, switching to current content as venues open up. Then you can offer space on your nightlife website in exchange for gigs. 


As we slowly come out of the social restrictions we’ve endured, it’s quite possible the world will be ready to Paaaartaaay!

Most performers will scramble to put together a press kit, or beg for gigs. 

You’re smarter than that. And you can use the tools I mentioned to stay sharp.

Start preparing now, for when the time comes to let ourselves back out into the night.