Features on Spotify 2020 Wrapped up for Christmas

Discover the Newest Features on Spotify 2020 Wrapped up for Christmas

Spotify 2020 wrapped

Spotify 2020 Wrapped New Features

If you love music and have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you should definitely check out the new features coming out this year as part of Spotify 2020 Wrapped.

This will let you see what you’ve been listening to all year long just by logging into your account from any internet-connected computer.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. You’ll be able to go into your account and see not only what you’ve been listening to but also how popular your listening habits are.

If you want to know: Where can I find my Spotify 2020 Wrapped stats, I’ll give you a link where you can access everything.  But first, I want to explain a few new features that have been added for this year… So you can make the best out of your personal data.

6 New Features for Spotify Wrapped 2020

in-app quizzes

1. This year, you’ll find new in-app quizzes that allow you to test your abilities at predicting the very best podcasts, artists, and even the decade you streamed most.

Top Song Journey

2. You can follow the Story of Your listening habits and witness your top song’s journey through the entire year, from its very first flow to its 100th and all the listens in between.

Podcast listening data

3. This year, Spotify takes a deeper dive into podcast listening, full of data about the moments users spent listening to and also the most binge-worthy podcasts of this year.


4. Premium users also have brand new badges that crown listeners with various titles depending on how they surfaced. By way of instance, if a range of your playlists gained substantial new followers, then you’ll be a Tastemaker.

If you listened to a song before it was trendy (aka hit 50,000 streams), you’d get the Pioneer badge. And based on the number of tunes you added into playlists this year, you just might turn into a Collector.  Isn’t that cool!

Personalized Playlists

5. New personalized playlists will help you take advantage of what you listened to this year. These include Your Best Songs, the tunes you loved most this season in a single, convenient location, to Missed Hits, your Wrapped discovery playlist where you can find popular comparable 2020 releases you did not hear yet. Plus, listeners in the U.S., UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada can dig deeper into some of your top artists of 2020 in On Record, a combined media feature highlighting your leading 2020 artists.

Wrapped now available for non-users

6. Ultimately, for the first time, Spotify opened up the world of Wrapped to non-users.  Even when you’re not a Spotify subscriber, you can still take a look at the latest in Spotify’s international listening styles. Non-users are now able to join the dialogue that wraps up our year inflow. Have a look at the new experience at Spotify.com/Wrapped on either your desktop or your mobile browser.

December 7th marked the unveiling of Spotify’s new Wrapped Creator Experience for podcasters and artists. Creators can get their own personal Wrapped microsite with all the ways their fans listened this year. Check out Spotify for Artists and Spotify for Podcasters to Find out More.

In Conclusion

Spotify is always coming up with new ways to enjoy music.  We hope you have fun testing out the new Spotify 2020 Wrapped Features.

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