5 Master Hacks for Spotify Promotion

It’s no secret Spotify is dominating music at the moment. For the first time since 1999, the record business is showing profits and this is largely due to Spotify promotion. So how does this effect independent artists? In this article we will cover the 5 best hacks for becoming a Spotify ninja!

  1. Self-release.  Many independent labels are still catching up to Spotify.  We see many independent labels focusing promotions on Itunes and Beatport but the data shows people aren’t buying music downloads anymore.  They’re streaming it.  By self-releasing with a digital distributor such as Symphonic, Distrokid, or Tunecore, you won’t have to share your streaming money with anyone.  Often a label is going to ask for part of the “Master Rights” of your song and that is where most of the streaming money is paid out.  Only release with a label if they have the branding and promotion power to make it worth giving up some of your song.
  2. Collaborative playlists.  Many users have taken advantage of Spotify’s feature of collaborative playlists.  This enables people to work together to promote and curate playlists.  More people means more promoting power.  With public playlists, anyone can add music so adding your track to public collaborative playlists can get you instant plays and exposure.  Some collaborative playlists already have followings in the thousands.  Just don’t try and upload multiple tracks or spam the playlists or else the owner may decide to remove the collaboration option.

Spotify promotion

3. Spotify artist liaisons.  In every region Spotify operates, there are “Artist liaisons” whose job is to interact with artists and discover new music.  By building a database of these music professional’s, you can start to pitch them your new music to be added to the In-house Spotify playlists.  Even getting on one of these hugely popular playlists can result in thousands of dollars in streaming payments.  To locate them, we suggest using this helpful Chrome extension: Find anyone’s email.  After installing into Chrome, you can google search “Spotify artist liaisons LinkedIn” and the results will let you locate the emails of the people you want to contact.

4. Find Independent playlist curator’s.  Although most of the massively popular playlists are owned by Spotify or one of the 3 major labels.  Getting on one of these may be difficult but there are plenty of independent curator’s doing it for the love of music.  It can be difficult to find these playlister’s but many have a Facebook or Twitter where you can reach out with a friendly note and your track 🙂

5. Engagement.  We’ve all heard you only get out what you put in and nothing is more true when it comes to building relationships.  When you are able to connect with an artist liaison or independent curator, don’t be needy or entitled.  It’s best to approach them from an angle.  Try following them on Twitter or Facebook and engage with their posts.  Everyone appreciates a thoughtful comment and support so this isn’t forgotten when you reach out in a personal message.

These are the top 5 hacks for Spotify.  If you have any tips or success please feel free to email so we can share with the community.  For additional support in promoting, you can also review the playlist promotion options on our home page at spotifly.us.