What are the benefits of getting support from playlists?

  • Spotify pays more than double what Youtube does for streams so success on Spotify means success for your bank account too!
  • Our playlist contacts are part of the public, so after your campaign is over you can continue to submit to them on your own.
  • Major labels make the majority of their money now from streaming services so they are always seeking new artists who are gaining popularity on Spotify.  Popularity on Spotify = interest from big labels.
  • We’ve also received reports that many music supervisor’s seeking film and TV sync’s utilize Spotify playlist’s to find new music to license.  Sometimes being in the right playlist will get you and opportunity to have your music licensed.
  • Spotify is the fastest growing music distribution platform.  By growing fans now, you will be in a great position when they go public in 2018.

Can I see a list of playlists in your network?

  • We don’t provide our contacts but after you’ve started a campaign, you will be able to contact the curator who has supported your music.
  • You can see real life examples of past clients on our main website page in the section titled ‘CLIENT SUCCESS

Do you guarantee playlist placement?

  • Although we can’t guarantee placement, we do our best to accept only music we feel will do well with our playlist curators.  If for some reason your music is not accepted we will provide a complete refund.  In most cases, if we don’t get support within the package time frame, we’ll continue to submit until we reach the desired results.

How many plays and followers will I get?

  • The amount of plays and followers you can expect varies greatly depending on how your music connects with people.  Each curator we pitch to is independent and they do not work for us.  Some have very active followers and some not. The Spotify platform also does not count plays on a song unless it has been played for :30 seconds.  So if your song is skipped a lot, you will not see a rapid gain in your statistics no matter how big the playlist.  On the other hand, we also have clients who after getting in one playlist, go viral getting hundreds of thousands of plays within days.

What can I expect from a campaign?

  • After you’ve made your payment, we start submitting your track to curators the following day.  It can take up to a week to start to see results.  Sometimes longer.  When your song gets approved, someone on our team will send you a screenshot of the playlist and a link.  At the end of your campaign, there may still be responses pending and it’s possible to continue to get approvals for up to a month after.

How does the approval process work?

  • When listening to a new submission, our team looks for music that evokes emotion, has an infectious hook, and displays a professional level of mixing and mastering.  The better a song scores on these levels, the larger the campaign we can approve.

Do you participate in payola?

  • Paying for playlist placement violates the terms of Spotify and we do not condone this type of activity.  However we know music curator’s can be very busy and we respect their time.  For this we do offer them a donation for considering your music regardless of their decision.

How do you get my track support on playlists?

  • We’ve spent the last year researching contacts for independent playlisters and with over 5 billion playlist’s, we are gaining new contacts every day.  We focus on playlist’s with a minimum 5,000 – 500,000 fans so each placement has the potential to turn into plays and new fans.

How do I get support from one of the big spotify in house playlists?

  • Our ‘Headliner’ campaign package comes with submission to Spotify editors worldwide.  However these in-house curated playlists rely heavily on Spotify platform data when making decisions about independent artists.  They are more likely to support music that is being engaged with by users and shared often by playlists.  In the beginning of the campaign we focus on independently curated playlists to raise your exposure for the big ones.

How long will my song stay in the playlist?

  • The curators typically keep a song for a minimum of one month or longer but there are exceptions.  Some playlists switch out songs every 2 weeks that aren’t doing well with their playlist followers.  If your song is removed from a playlist before 2 weeks, let us know and we will find a replacement playlist for you at no extra fee.

What type of other promotion do I get with my campaign?

  • Many of our playlist partners offer additional promotion with their playlist support.  This promotion includes twitter shout out’s, email and other social network support.  Whenever available, we request additional support from the curators in our network when they accept a track for their playlist.

If my song is not chosen how many times can I resubmit?

  • You can only submit once per track.  We encourage you to continue to submit new original songs or remixes as often as you like.

I am a curator with my own playlist’s.  How do I join your network?

  • Please send links to your playlists with the subject line CURATOR to: josh@spotifly.us and we will get back with you.