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We provide Spotify Playlist promotion for independent artists and labels around the world.

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In today’s music industry, transparency is more important than ever. With so many choices to invest in your career, it’s hard to know who to trust.  Our Frequently Asked Questions page covers every question you can imagine.  With our campaigns, we want you to feel comfortable in the process.

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Spotify is now the most powerful tool for artists.  That’s why an effective playlist strategy is vital to having a successful career. The biggest aspect of any strategy should be gaining support from as many playlists as possible.  For the professional artist, our Headliner campaign is structured with organically spread out support designed to engage the Discover Weekly algorithms.  


We’ve added an extra layer of protection for our clients.  If for some reason we’re not able to gain support for your track, you’re entitled to a full refund. We process all our payments using Paypal so you’re also protected by their 180 day dispute resolution feature. Submit on the form below to see if you’re qualified for a Spotif.ly no-risk playlist campaign.

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Promotion Levels


Perfect for artists new to Spotify and at the beginning of building fans..
  • 1 week promotion to Independent Spotify Playlists


Suitable for professional artists or labels who want to give their music every possible chance to go viral.
  • 4 weeks promotion to Independent Spotify playlists + Submission to Spotify Editors.


Great for artists with momentum looking to get on more playlists and gain playlist contacts.
  • 2 weeks promotion to Independent Spotify playlists.
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